What Is The Role Of Medical Cold Compress?

Ordinary cold application, basically can play a role in local contraction of capillaries, reduce local congestion, reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings to reduce pain, as well as cooling and antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-pus, basically for patients who need cold compress Cold application products can be used.

Beijing Oriental Health Investment Technology Co., Ltd. Hebei Branch: Lanmeng Hanfang neck, shoulder and waist, medical cold application, selection of antler, three-spotted hippocampus, scorpion, musk, sage, snow lotus, Chuanxiong, windproof, stretched grass, etc. 28 Taste of traditional Chinese medicine, using patented preparation technology and advanced production technology, after more than a dozen procedures, secretly made into a paste.

The multi-flavored traditional Chinese medicines of the above selected groups all have the functions of qi, blood, soothe the nerves, fluid, and bone marrow. After using cold compresses, these traditional Chinese medicine ingredients will gradually penetrate and reach the lesions, thus improving the body and relaxing the body. Eliminate toxins and reconcile yin and yang.