What Fabric Is Good For The First Aid Kit?

First aid kits originated in developed countries and were used to cope with sudden illnesses and injuries. Mainly divided into household, car, and outdoor three.

In the selection of first-aid kits, according to the manufacturing process and the functions required for the use environment, Tigg oxford cloth, full-elastic oxford cloth and weft oxford cloth are mainly used. Then why use these three kinds of fabrics?

Oxford cloth, originated in the United Kingdom, is a traditional combed cotton fabric named after Oxford University. Oxford cloth began around 1900. The fine combed high-count yarn is used as a double warp, and the thick weft yarn is interwoven with the weft weight flat structure. After the fabric is treated by relaxation, alkali amount, dyeing, anti-static, coating, etc., it has the advantages of light texture, soft hand feeling, good water resistance and good durability.

Full-elastic Oxford cloth, after loosening and scouring, predetermined type, alkali reduction, soft setting, the reverse side of the fabric is then rubber-polyester. The bag made of this fabric is sought after by many fashionable and trendy people with its fashionable appearance, delicate texture and good waterproofness, and has become the new favorite in the current bag market.