The Five Common Usage Common Sense Of Plaster Cloth

Because plaster cloth can play a role in reducing inflammation and relieving pain to a certain extent, it is used to treat rheumatism, back pain, muscle pain, sprains, contusions and many other injuries. In order to make users use our products more smoothly, together with Xiaobian Let's get to know it.

First, where should not be posted

The use of plaster cloth is very flexible, basically where the problem is posted, but it should not be attached to the head and face, especially near the eyes, nose and mouth. Another thing to be reminded is that you should avoid places with more hair. If you want to stick more hair and more dense parts, it is best to use a medical razor to scrape off the hair and then apply the plaster. Otherwise, it will affect the absorption of the drug effect, and the second is that it will not stick to it. The third is that it will cause pain when the plaster is removed.

Second, the method should be correct

Before applying the plaster, use a hot towel or ginger to wipe and dry the affected area or acupuncture points before sticking. When the winter climate is cold, the plaster cloth needs to be baked. The plaster cloth can be placed on a hot water such as a hot water bottle or an alcohol lamp or a candle, and the plaster cloth after baking is not applied to the affected area.

Third, the location should be selected

First check the pain point. When pasting, first separate the plaster cloth from the liner, and fix it near the most painful place. Peel the liner along the direction of the pain point, and accurately place the center of the plaster cloth on the pain point, and paste the plaster cloth evenly. No pleats, and the location of the application will not affect the efficacy.

Fourth, allergies can not be posted

If you feel the itchy, hot, stinging of the skin after being applied for about 10 minutes after applying the plaster cloth, you should quickly remove it. This indicates that the patient is allergic to the plaster cloth. People with allergies should not stick plasters because their skin is prone to rashes. Not only is it not conducive to drug absorption, but it can cause skin problems. The plaster cloth is pure cotton cloth, it has good air permeability, no heat, no hot, no skin irritation, it is your choice.

Five, do not break the bubble

If the skin sticking to the plaster is red and swollen, try not to break the blisters and apply it on the sterile gauze to let the blisters fade. If the blisters are in a position that is easily broken, you need to go to the hospital and ask the professional to pick and apply the medicine. The outer skin of the blisters should not be moved. Apply it with sterile gauze and wait for it to heal itself.