The Development Direction Of New Medical Dressings

The trend of social aging will increase the chances of chronic wound formation, and the demand for high-performance dressings will continue to grow. Future high-end medical dressings pay more attention to the biological activity and functionality of the products. Medical dressings are no longer limited to protecting wounds. They should also have the effect of promoting wound healing. They have special dressings for different stages of wound healing and wound healing. It is easy to use and relieves pain. It does not produce scar tissue after wound healing. .

At present, the research direction of medical dressings: through the modification or compounding method, to improve the shortage of existing materials and enhance its performance as a dressing. 

The drug is loaded with various drugs and growth factors to effectively control drug release while achieving wound healing and therapeutic effects. From the patient's point of view, try to reduce the number of dressings and reduce the pain caused by dressing change. In order to meet the needs of sustainable development of society and the recycling of resources, more new types of biodegradable materials will be developed and applied to medical dressings. 

With the development of tissue engineering technology and skin tissue engineering, a suitable three-dimensional porous structure will be developed in the future to provide a nutrient-metabolic environment for cell growth and reproduction, regulate cell growth and alignment, and ultimately degrade into tissues. The purpose of permanent replacement.