How To Use Dressing

Dressing patch is a common product in medical products. It can be divided into two kinds, self-adhesive dressing and transparent film dressing. These two methods of medical dressing do not need to be used, for example, self-adhesive dressing consists of absorbent pad, adhesive tape, isolation paper; and transparent film dressing consists of transparent film adhesive tape and isolation paper. However, these two kinds of medical dressings are suitable for wound protection after surgery, various infusion needles, tubes, dressings fixed. And the use of dressing is relatively simple. The following are the ways of using:

One. According to the size of the wound, choose the corresponding medical applicator.

Two. Confirm that the product will be opened after the validity period.

Three. Put the medical applicator on the patient's wound or transfusion needle, tube and so on.

The use of dressing should be carried out in accordance with the above order. Proper use can help heal wounds.