How To ''correctly'' Use Medical Transparent Applicator

The medical superficial vein indwelling needle is fixed by medical transparent application, which is convenient for observing the puncture point for redness and drug extravasation, and can be replaced according to the pollution condition. However, in clinical work, the replacement of the application is not mainly the film contamination, but the fixing is not strong due to the curling, etc., the frequency of replacement is increased, and it is highly probable that the needle is left in the process of replacement due to improper operation. Slide out the blood vessels. In clinical work, nurses have repeatedly encountered problems of inadequate fixation due to exuberant sweat gland secretion. Frequent replacement of dressing has increased the workload of nurses and increased patient suffering and financial burden.

The clinical experience of the peripheral vein therapist, the use of transparent application summary experience is as follows:

1. Adopt tension-free fixing method

Conventional operation of the indwelling needle, when the indwelling needle is successfully puncture, tear the indwelling needle transparent film, press the indwelling needle hose with the left hand, and stick the transparent film to the center of the needle eye under the tension without holding the right hand, and gently press the film with both hands to make it evenly Skin contact, then the hands of the big fish muscles gently pressed the film for 30 seconds, through the heat conduction effect to make the film and skin temperature closer, which is more conducive to the film glue layer and skin adhesion, so that it is better attached to the skin.

2, change the traditional way of disinfection

Whether it is basic nursing textbooks or clinical practice, adult venipuncture chooses to use iodine-containing disinfectant to disinfect the puncture point twice to be dry puncture, but studies have shown that disinfection with 75% alcohol first, then use After iodine disinfection twice, it can significantly prolong the use time of the film, because 75% of alcohol can destroy the permeability barrier of the bacterial cell membrane on the skin surface, causing the protein to leak out or iodize with the bacterial enzyme protein to inactivate it. Therefore, the oil on the surface of the skin can be removed, and the transparent application is in close contact with the skin.

3, using water gel transparent stickers

The main component of the water colloid transparent applicator is sodium carboxymethyl fiber, which has very good absorption and self-adhesiveness, especially for patients with strong sweat gland secretion; hydrocolloid also has the function of dissolving fibrin, which can ensure local tissue. Normal metabolic process to prevent microbial attack. In addition, the hydrocolloid dressing is thin and elastic, conforms to skin movement, and is not suitable for curling and loosening.

4, using a variety of innovative fixed methods

Reinforce the outer edge of the transparent applicator with a more viscous tape, but care should be taken not to cover the puncture point so as not to affect the observation of redness and drug exudation.