Cooperation Negotiation With Germany Business

Cooperation negotiation with German business

On July 23, 2018, Jiangsu Changji Yong and his party of four, led by Chairman Peng Changsheng personally, went to Germany to discuss cooperation, and set up R & D and production in many famous medical and health fields such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, Germany, etc. Logistics distribution in one of the enterprises for working talks.


These companies are medical enterprises with a broad customer base and a market base in Germany. They have a number of branches and subsidiaries engaged in R & D, production, pharmaceutical logistics, health care, etc. With us Changji Yong in many industries have broad prospects for cooperation. In view of the huge health care field in Germany, it is the direction of the future platform of the medical industry to jointly develop and build an alliance network platform for enterprises, doctors and nursing institutions, and strengthen the efficient communication services between hospitals and patients, nursing institutions and manufacturers. There are also huge market opportunities.


As a middle and high-end biomedical dressing R & D, production and sales enterprise, we have launched a series of mid-high-end products for the medical care market. We have 18 product registration certificates and record certificates. Covering 123 types of low-end to high-end full range of medical device products, nearly 10 products have passed the German tuv iso13485 system certification and ce product certification, we have been actively developing the European market, In all aspects of products and technology with the German business platform has a great degree of agreement, there are a wide range of opportunities and space for cooperation.


Through in-depth exchanges and discussions, we have preliminarily decided on a multi-faceted cooperation mechanism. It is hoped that in the near future concrete cooperation content will be implemented and various cooperative relations will be gradually expanded. Strive to establish a comprehensive investment, research and development, sales and other areas of in-depth cooperation before the end of the year!