Africa Market Plan

Chukeu  start to launch of strategic deployment for the African market

September 27, 2018, Namibian Vice President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and his party came to visit our company.


Our Chairman, Mr. Peng Changsheng, and colleagues from R & D and Marketing Department discussed the cooperation intention in the African market with the leaders of the Chamber of Commerce.


At the meeting, the leaders of the Chamber of Commerce and his party held on-site exchanges and discussions on the market prospects of our products, listened to colleagues of the Marketing Department on the strategic layout and actual progress of the African market. Vice President Chen, from the perspective of the Africa

market and the humanistic situation, Detailed suggestions on policies and regulations are put forward.


After the vice-chairman and his party visited our R & D center laboratory.


Looking forward to the follow-up division of the Namibian China Chamber of Commerce platform advantage, accelerate the pace of entry into the African market.