Advantages Of Dressing Paste

Dressing paste is used for field first aid, sports, postoperative care and various sports injuries, medical care, home self-help care, outdoor sports, etc. It has a good protective effect on wounds. The following describes its advantages:

(1) High ductility - The non-woven fabrics used in the formulation are of good ductility in any direction. When applied to the joints with high mobility, the paste can completely stretch and contract with the extension of joints and skin. It relieves the uncomfortable feeling of pulling and pulling the plaster on the joint.

(2) High comfort - wet, sticky, medical dressing can be pasted at any time after local micro-adjustment of the position, will not affect the adhesion and re-paste use. Will not form a glue-solid state on the skin, naturally there is no tearing hair, pain, local swelling, itching, papules and other ills. The latter is the traditional plaster.

(3) High permeability - Medical dressing can ensure that the drug contained in the skin in a short period of time quickly penetrate into the human body, and quickly reach local tissue. The paste contains less medicine, and the drug concentration detected in local joint cavity fluid after application is much higher than that in blood. In a certain period of time, the time of application was directly proportional to the concentration of drugs in the local joint cavity.

(4) high reliability - rarely cause allergic reactions. Owing to the monotonous composition and small molecular weight of the drug, the plaster with higher molecular weight and lower water content is much safer for users. Many years of clinical investigation showed that the allergic reaction of the product was only 2.3%.

The advantages of dressing are high ductility, high comfort and high permeability.