A New Start--Zhejiang Platform Hanging Net And Merchants Tour Exhibition

On November 27, in beautiful Zhejiang Hangzhou, Boyuan Medical device Network, together with Chinese Medicines Group Zhejiang Branch, held a trade tour of medical consumables and test reagents on Zhejiang platform. Our company is honored to participate in this exhibition.




At present, our development of Zhejiang market has been put on the agenda, coinciding with this opportunity, our company attaches great importance to it, and has made full preparations to come to Hangzhou, the glamorous city with "heaven on top, Suzhou and Hangzhou".


Our class I, II dressing and first aid package products are very suitable for this exhibition theme. During the exhibition, a large number of customers from Hangzhou and surrounding cities came to our booth to learn more about our related product knowledge and business cooperation policy.


This professional and targeted strong investment tour to participate in our company for the further development of Zhejiang market work laid a solid foundation.