Wound care hydrogel dressing

Product characteristics: 1. The product is the third military Medical University Institute of Field surgery and Jiangsu Changji Yong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. This product is a patented product, production environment for ten thousand clean workshop, quality assurance; 3. This product is a kind of aseptic product, irradiation sterilizing and sterilizing. This product has passed the CE authentication, is the IIb class product; 5. The product was tested in Jiangsu Medical device testing Institute, in which the cytotoxicity was not more than grade 1, no irritation reaction, no sensitization reaction; 6. This product has been tested in two hospitals in Nanjing for nearly one year. The results show that it is safe and effective. The raw and auxiliary material of this product is polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), which is often used in the treatment of burn and scalding wounds. This product replaces the existing vaseline gauze and ordinary dry dressing, replenishes water to the wound, plays the role of cooling and cold compress, at the same time can not adhere to the wound, for less exudate burn and scalding, cosmetic surgery and other acute and chronic wounds can be used. 

 Product feature: 1.accelerate wound healing 60% faster than traditional dressing;2.avoid wound scab, inhibit scar formation ; adhesion wound, reduce secondary injury; 4.dissolve necrotic tissue and fibrin, clean wound;5.High permeability and water retention, lasting and comfortable 6, high water content, reduce patient pain ; 7.stop bacteria and inhibit bacteria, safe and no stimulation; 8. high transparency, easy to observe, 

Applicable range:1. All kinds of surgery, plastic surgery after the incision or wound 2. Burn and burn wound 3. All kinds of epidermis abrasions and various erosive wounds on the body surface 4. All kinds of chronic ulcer wound. Laser beauty after the minimally invasive face 6. As an external drug carrier, combined with bacteriostasis, anti-inflammatory treatment. 4. Apply to burn department, orthopedic Department: radiology department, oncology department and so on.


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