Warmly congratulate Changjiyong on extending the on-site inspection through the production license

2019 January 03 to January 04, 2019 Three teachers from the equipment Department of Zhenjiang Food and Drug Administration have carried out the production of our company according to the "Medical device production quality Management Standard" and the Addendum to the Medical device production quality Management Code. Field inspection that can be verified and continued. 


At the first meeting of the on-site inspection, the chairman of the company, Peng Changsheng, on behalf of Changji Yong, expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the three inspection teachers, hoping that the inspection teachers would give more guidance and put forward some valuable suggestions. This will help our company to improve the next step of management, and require the relevant departments and personnel involved in the audit to cooperate and take it seriously.


Check the teacher from the company's process control, production site records, product traceability and quality management system documents, etc.


The final inspection teacher to our company's quality management system and development strategy to give full recognition, we successfully through the inspection. Hope to continue to make great achievements!