The difference between a living mask and a medical mask

1.The prosthetic function claimed by the life mask and the medical mask are completely two concepts. The repair function of the mask often requires no clinical confirmation, no special description of the composition, and it will only tell you that it is the essence of the repair. The repair ingredients of medical facial mask, such as growth factor (EGF), hyaluronic acid, active collagen and so on, must be clinically safe and effective. " The regular facial mask is not equal to the medical facial mask, and the regular mask is not necessarily a safe facial mask. In peacetime, the mask can not be pasted on the skin wound. In addition, the medical mask has the effect of repairing the wound.

2.What is a medical mask? Medical facial mask is a kind of facial mask which belongs to the category of medical skin care products, between skin care products and drugs. For problematic skin, it can reduce skin sensitivity as a drug adjuvant treatment; for healthy skin, it can reduce irritation, maintain normal skin barrier and balance, resist external stimulation. Medical mask is not a drug, regardless of whether the skin conditions, can be used. There are four distinct differences between it and ordinary facial masks. Don't confuse them.

3.What is a medical mask?

 Sterile production of medical masks, including purification workshop and medical grade raw materials, can be directly used in skin wounds. And our common life skin care products in all aspects of the technical requirements are not so strict.

4.Simple and effective medical mask formula.

No addition of any non-efficacy additives. The safety and effectiveness of the products are verified by experiments and clinical experiments, and the mechanism of action is more clear. The simple summary is: the component is clear, the pertinence is strong.

5.More professional medical facial mask will be used to verify the clinical efficacy and safety of many hospitals before going on the market to ensure a certain degree of adjuvant treatment to skin diseases. Recommended by dermatologists or pharmacy professionals for personal skin conditions, highly professional. The vast majority of ordinary facial masks, customers can only "blind buy"-only through the web or packaging propaganda "the right seat."

6.The efficacy is clear, the medical mask has a precise function division, and the mechanism of the main product components is clear, which has been proved by scientific experimental research. For different skin, different skin conditions targeted repair. For example, before and after the surgery, the skin has trauma from the surface to the bottom, the use of growth factor (EGF), hyaluronic acid, active collagen and other components of the medical mask, can promote postoperative wound healing; Daily moisturizing is mainly composed of hyaluronic acid, collagen and so on, which can make the skin close to the balance of water and oil. The anti-sensitive repair is the main epidermal growth factor EGF, hyaluronic acid, and the active collagen has the effect of hypersensitivity.