The challenge of a retail drugstore! The days when it is hard to buy medicine, and the time when it is expensive to buy medicine will soon be history.

The Beijing Development and Reform Commission has launched a new policy of allowing convenience stores to sell off-the-counter drugs. As soon as the news came out, 450000 drugstores across the country panicked and the industry turned upside down. Beijing fired the first shot at change!

In a recent circular on measures to further promote the development of convenience stores, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission clearly pointed out two points: 1, chain convenience stores can apply for the retail operation of category B over-the-counter drugs; 2. Apply for second-class medical device management.

The interpretation is: 1, from now on, convenience stores can sell class B over-the-counter drugs in a proper way; 2, like taking X-rays, MRI and other medical procedures, can also be solved in convenience stores.