Talk about the medical device service enterprise development direction of the light and heavy road!


A milestone in the development of enterprises is listed, medical device service enterprises are no exception. Listing is not only conducive to perfecting the corporate governance structure, clarifying the company's own development strategy, and the basis of pragmatic enterprise development; They can also raise a considerable amount of capital at the time of listing. After listing, they can also raise funds for mergers, acquisitions and so on. Public listing is the most attractive form of long-term financing for enterprises. Can fundamentally solve the capital needs of enterprises. If a company wants to go public, it must choose a Chinese A-share because it is the highest-priced offering and it can raise more money. Not recommended on the U. S. or Hong Kong stocks, not only low prices, listing costs are relatively high, legal requirements are particularly strict. A-share at least in the gem to pass the small and medium-sized board, there is no need to go to the new third Board, but also because of low prices, and other rights and interests restrictions, meaningless. If we can't reach the conditions of gem, we should try our best to improve the enterprises and strive to reach it. We should not go to the new third board in order to lower the financing standard of our enterprises. Gem originally designed for light assets, with independent innovation enterprises and other growth entrepreneurial design, but in fact it requires listing conditions, if there is no industrial investment of enterprises still very difficult to achieve. So, the McKinsey Foxconn, light asset consulting industrial assets contract manufacturing 13485 framework, such an enterprise certainly is the right way to expand, of course, there are more difficulties to overcome, for light asset consulting companies, To solve the problem of staff mobility, how to transform high-quality employees into enterprise assets, and how to make customers turn back; For industrial investment manufacturing, it is necessary to solve the problem of quality assurance system of basic construction such as production planning system of order system. Therefore, consulting and contract OEM is a medical device service enterprise to accelerate the expansion of the exploration road, wish such explorers success.

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