skin sensibility

Allergic muscle is a symptom of dermatitis caused by the reaction of allergens with antibodies in vivo.

Cause of formation:    

  1. The most common is an allergy to a substance. When you eat, touch or inhale certain substances, will produce allergic reaction;

  2. excessive ultraviolet rays may cause skin burns, erythema, black, desquamate and other terrible allergic symptoms; 3.

  3. Allergies due to lack of water and oil in the skin,

  4. allergies caused by skin care products in use.


    Allergic symptoms: red-faced、Skin burning;itch;stabbing pain;Rough; tightness ;desquamation

    Daily nursing of skin allergy

    1. Vitamin C deficiency can easily dry the skin and lead to dermatitis, desquamate and other sensitive symptoms. Pears and kiwifruit are preferred in Vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables. Eating more helps strengthen skin tissue and help fight foreign sensitivities. 2. Wash face with cold water commonly used cold water wash face, increase skin resistance. If the skin does not adapt, can first use warm water (20 ℃-30 ℃), then gradually reduce the water temperature, bath and wash face separate 3. Do not change skin care products casually to use new skin care products, first in the forearm inside or behind the ear coated a little, observation 48 hours later, if local red swelling, blisters, itching and so on, indicating that the skin is allergic to the skin products, absolutely not to use. Meeting allergy phenomenon do not be anxious, distinguish allergy and sensitivity correctly, solve to symptom next. Do not believe in the so-called bias, if the situation is serious, should seek medical help from the regular hospital.