Precautions for using dressing

Dressing will be used in hospital infusion. What are the precautions during use? The following is an introduction:

1, can not replace stitches, hemostasis, skin disinfection and other measures.

2, the broken bags are prohibited.

3, disposable use

4. It can not be used for the fixation of ductus arteriosus.

5, the wound has been infected and ulceration is prohibited. If infection, such as congestion, swelling, exudation and fever, occurs after the wound, discontinue use or increase the frequency of replacement according to the doctor's diagnosis.

6, when the wound has exudate or blood, it is not possible to attach the dressing directly to the wound.

7. Suitable dressings should be selected to ensure that they can be firmly adhered to the dry and healthy skin around the wound. They should not be pulled to create tension and damage the skin.

Note: when removing dressings, care should be taken to cover the catheter or other devices under it.