Outdoor first aid kit

The outdoor first aid kit is mainly used for the first time rescue treatment in case of accidents such as injury, illness, biting by snakes and insects. The first aid package in foreign countries is called First Aid, which means the first time rescue. When an accident comes, often the first time of treatment is very critical, even life. Therefore, the outdoor first aid kit should be a key piece of equipment that everyone should be fully prepared for every outdoor trip. It is possible that this small bag is not used in a backpack for a year or two. But in the event of an accident, it will play a huge role.

In addition to the drug part, it should also be equipped with the necessary external medical equipment, including band-aid, gauze, elastic bandage, emergency blanket and so on. Before you leave, read the instructions carefully and remember how to use each, how much and how to use each.

Always check the production date and shelf life of the medicine in the first aid kit to ensure that all medicines in the first aid kit are within the warranty period to prevent more trouble caused by overdue misuse. In fact, the things in the first aid kit are not only useful when they are injured, but also can be used in other situations. For example, band-aid can also temporarily repair damaged jackets, raincoats, sleeping bags, tents, etc.; gauze can also be used as a filtered water source in addition to dressing. Elastic bandages can be used as temporary knee protectors in joint sprains to help restore ligaments. Temporary emergency hemostasis is used.

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