Outdoor emergency kit

With the increasing popularity of outdoor sports, people should not be neglected for outdoor safety. Outdoor emergency kits may come in handy at critical moments. The outdoor emergency kit has 9 items:

1, life jacket: can save lives in an emergency

2, lifeline: made of 2.6mm aerospace wire rope core, cocoa fixed on a solid object;

3. Life-saving food: life-saving rations and life-saving fresh water;

4, signal tools: lithium battery help light, whistle, etc. issued a distress signal;

5, simple insulation bag: in the cold environment to protect the cold;

6, waterproof flashlight: essential at night;

7, radar reflector: radar can be accurately positioned;

8, daylight signal mirror: can send signals to air rescue personnel;

9. Rocket parachute signal: It can be launched to a height of 200 meters, which is convenient for rescuers to determine the position.

1. First-aid supplies are completely sealed and packaged in a first-aid kit. Although the first-aid kit is waterproof, double insurance is more secure for the life to be saved.

2, try to pick drugs that do not cause strong allergic reactions, such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs do not choose penicillin. Otherwise they will kill them if they are panicked or ignorant!

3, the first aid kit can choose those with strong handles or hooks, in some cases you need to hang a first aid kit for some climbing, which will be more convenient.

4. There must always be a good pen and book in the first aid kit. Always pay attention to the patient's condition. The doctor will thank you for doing this when you send it to the hospital.

You should pay attention to the following points when configuring the first aid kit:

1. You can't carry all the items, and you can't save N people.

2. You can't completely cure the patient. Everything you do is to extend the patient's life until the rescue arrives or is sent to the hospital.

3. Sometimes you may have some long-term plans. I will give special instructions below.

List of trauma treatment equipment: bandages, alcohol cotton, alcohol, medical tape, surgical gloves, alcohol cotton tablets, triangular bandages, sterile yarns, cloth sheets, surgical suture needles, mouth-to-mouth artificial respirator masks, band-aids.

List of common diseases and drugs: non-penicillin antibiotics, intestinal sedatives, gastrointestinal sedatives, painkillers, antipyretic tablets, cooling oil, nasal peppermint oil, ulcer paste, potassium permanganate, life-saving drugs (antibiotics, painkillers, hemostatic drugs).

Other accessories: multi-function knife, pen, book, flashlight, vitamin effervescent tablets, thick soup, space blanket.

The dental treatment utensils should be carefully wrapped in a transparent plastic bag. The cool oil, alcohol, pen and other supplies should be sealed with a candle dripping wax to prevent evaporation. The flashlight and other electrical appliances should be turned upside down to prevent the inadvertent impact from being inverted and automatically opened. Run out of power.