Medical skin care

Medical skin care products, made from natural ingredients, do not contain any pigments, spices, preservatives or small amounts of additives that do not cause skin sensitivity. It is not a kind of medicine, but it can play an auxiliary role in treating some impaired skin diseases. It generally has the characteristics of low sensitivity, safety, high efficiency, no high sensitive risk of general care products, and high requirement to the production environment.


Q:Who can use medical skin care products?

Medical skin care products can be used by anyone. For problematic skin, medical skin care products can reduce skin sensitivity, as an auxiliary treatment to reduce skin attacks. For healthy skin, medical skin care products can reduce irritation, maintain normal skin barrier and balance, and resist external stimuli. Because of its strong safety, low sensitivity and no irritation, even children with delicate skin can use medical skin care products.

  1. Problem skin population


  2. Hormone dependent skin population


  3. Damaged skin population


    However, medical skin care products and ordinary skin care products have great differences as follows: 1 Medical skin care products are generally developed by dermatologists with high-tech background; (2) the raw materials of skin care products are pure medical grade, the formula is developed by dermatologists and their research teams, and the production is carried out according to the principle of pharmaceutical grade, 3 the effect of medical skin care products is generally confirmed by clinical test report; 4 as a result of above some principles, medical skin care product generally has dermatology expert and pharmacist's recommendation, can sell in the channel that has medical background, for example hospital dermatology department, orthopedic beauty clinic, medical beauty center and so on.