Medical cold compress paste(traditional Chinese medicine )

Suitable crowd:Cervical spondylosis, shoulder periarthritis, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, bone spines, osteogenesis, heel pain, synovitis, sciatica, rheumatoid, gout, tennis elbow, rat scalar, tenosynovitis, tendon sheath cyst, meniscus injury, Fall, damage, etc.



Warm heat: 5-10 minutes, skin cool feeling, then began to heat gradually, the heat effect slowly increased, then cool feeling, to avoid sudden discomfort. 

Osmosis: as the temperature increases, the heat increases, and the active ingredients penetrate through the skin's tendons, ligaments, periosteum, etc. 

Stimulation: after use there will be ants crawling over or drilling, pricking, jumping, pulling the feeling, through stimulating acupoints to play the role of regulating nerve channels, but also can produce acupuncture, cupping, massage, hot moxibustion and other multiple physical effects. Blood circulation: 30 minutes after the use of local red phenomenon, thus increasing blood flow, blood flow speed up, vasodilation, that is, blood-activating effect. 

Pain: reduce pain, can 'remove blood stasis and detumescence to relieve pain, through meridians to relieve pain, dispelling wind, dispelling cold and removing pain,' the effect of removing pain in three aspects.