liquid bandage/dressing


Action principle

This product is based on the international cutting-edge theory of wet healing, using stable, no stimulation, no sensitization, waterproof high safety polymer materials. It can quickly form waterproof and breathable film, apply tightly to the surface of the wound, keep the base bed of the wound moist, and form a low oxygen, micro-acid environment in the closed state, and provide the wet environment for the rapid healing of the wound.


Product features

 1) the new product can effectively isolate the wound from bacterial infection, prevent the secondary infection of the wound and accelerate the wound healing. (2) the film can be quickly formed after smear, the wound is not afraid of water, and can shower. (3) the film has good permeability and the skin is no longer covered with white, which is beneficial to wound healing. (4) not limited by the size of wound area, it is suitable for various irregular wounds with good uniformity, transparent film and easy to observe the wound condition, easy to remove the whole piece, and easy to replace. (5) the film is completely applied to all parts of the skin, not stained with clothes, ductile, light, easy to fall off. (6) maintain the moist environment of the wound, promote the activity of skin and mucosa and repair the inflammatory tissue, relieve the oxygenation in the wound healing period, and achieve the wound healing directly without scab. (7) No irritation, no sensitization, safety and no side effects to the skin. (8) the packing humanized design, the volume is small, is convenient to carry.

Scope of application

It is used for superficial small trauma, abrasion and so on. It provides healing environment for superficial wound and skin injury.