How to configure the first aid kit for the family

When people are exposed to water, electricity, traffic accidents and sudden illness, in addition to having the necessary first aid measures, if there is a first aid kit at home, it will bring you a lot of convenience. Even if you deal with common minor injuries and minor illnesses, you can be handy and relieve your worries.

Configuration method

1. First, prepare some sterilized gauze, bandage, tape, and buy some spare cotton. If you have the conditions, it is best to prepare a large triangle towel with a side length of about 1 meter.

2. The thermometer is a commonly used gauge and must be prepared. Medical tweezers and scissors should be matched accordingly and disinfected with fire or alcohol when in use.

3. External use can be roughly configured with line alcohol, purple syrup, red syrup, iodine, scald cream, antipruritic oil, wounds and painkillers.

4. Internal medicine can be configured to relieve heat, relieve pain, stop diarrhea, prevent motion sickness and help digestion.


1. The configuration of the family first aid kit should be based on the health of the family members. Antipyretic drugs are best used for both adults and children.

2. Patients with general conditions can take the drugs and doses as specified in the instructions. Pediatrics, the elderly, infirm or some patients with special conditions should follow the doctor's advice when taking drugs.

3. The medicines in the first-aid kits should be regularly inspected and replaced to avoid losing efficacy or becoming toxic substances.