History of medical device development

Medical development is progressing year by year, in addition to the medical humanities, the assistance of science and technology is also very important. In addition to inoculation, laser therapy, X-ray and tomography, these advanced instruments are not as high-tech as they were at the beginning. Experienced from ancient to present, simple to complex, low-tech content to high-tech development process.


This is a special chair for pregnant women. The pregnant women in labor sit on it, and the midwife can reach out to help the baby head out from the big hole below.


The syringe in the picture is very special, its length, diameter and pump are much larger than the instruments we use today for subcutaneous tissue injection. In the 16 th century, it was filled with mercury for injection treatment of seamen infected with syphilis.


The ancient bloodletting needle looked like this, puncturing the blood vessels with this triangle and slowly bleeding, in such a way as to prevent the patient from losing too much blood.


The progenitor of a modern pregnancy test, unlike today's simple drop of urine, used to be complicated and at first glance looked like an action lab.


This set of instruments, used to treat patients with epilepsy, to open the skull of patients for brain surgery, which is similar to the principle of craniotomy today, is of great help to the study of brain neuromedicine.


If a patient with a mental illness loses control of his mood, he will be put in a caged bed to reduce aggression, and modern psychiatric hospitals no longer use this method of injecting tranquilizers.


One of the most frightening things dentists do is this sharp-nosed thing that goes deep into the root of your teeth and makes your scalp tingle with thought.