Effect of scar paste on silica gel film

Scar is formed by the proliferation, connection, support and protection of normal tissue in the skin where the wound is healed after the human skin tissue is injured by various kinds of external. Scar formation is a normal bioremediation process. Scars are common in adults, adolescents, forethorax, scapula, back, abdomen and limbs. It has to do with personal physique. In addition, hyperplastic scar, acne scar is also a common scar type, in addition to affect the function, aesthetic need to be treated, scar there is still possible canceration, so the scar, especially the touch of haemorrhage may have cancer scar should be actively treated. The following Baiji pharmacist to introduce you about the scar of the various common problems, guide scar patients scientific medication.

Scar paste is made of new medical polymer material, soft, self-sticky and reusable. Scar paste can effectively prevent scar proliferation, promote scar softening and fade flat, improve symptoms, avoid contact with the environment, and facilitate wound care. Scar paste silicone gel film is mainly divided into medical silicone rubber, silicone gel, according to whether the polyester network is divided into type I and type II.

 Range of application: used in the treatment of surface trauma, burn and surgical healing of hyperplastic scar auxiliary treatment. Scar sticker contraindication: use with caution for those with a history of skin allergy to silicone rubber; do not allow wounds not healed. Attention to scar stickers: this product must be used after the wound is scabbed and healed.

Mechanism of scar sticking

  1. High air permeability, allowing oxygen to pass through to ensure normal skin breathing oxygen.

2. The water vapor transmittance of silica gel film is less than half of that of normal skin, which makes the cuticle retain water, and when the skin absorbs water, it inhibits the vascular regeneration of hair cells, thus reducing the deposition of collagen. At the same time, the increase of water content in the cuticle can increase the permeability of water-soluble protein and its products in the interstitial tissue, and spread rapidly, promote the scar softening and fade, the pigment become lighter, and alleviate the pruritus pain.

Scar paste side effect

Scar paste is mainly used for small area scar risk which may lead to pigmentation, scar canceration, and drug scar paste mainly used long-term corticosteroids and antitumor drugs, such as acetyl deyansulfan, fluorouracil and so on. Both drugs have significant side effects and are not effective, especially in the treatment of large-area scar hyperplasia. Scar paste is a very important indicator of the use of time, the general scar paste repeatedly used in less than 1 month, but also some can be better scar paste, can repeatedly use up to 3 months. Some homemade scar paste can only be used for 5 days, such scar sticker seems cheap, in fact, the unit price of scar treatment is more expensive. Because the scar treatment room is a long-term process, it takes at least 3-6 months to be effective. Therefore, the unit price of high products, can be really good scar treatment, treatment costs more reasonable. The use time of scar paste is the concentrated embodiment of the comprehensive performance index of scar paste. The strength, toughness, stickiness and tensile strength of the product can reach a higher requirement, so that the application time of the scar paste can be longer.