Analysis on the Competitiveness of main Medical dressing Manufacturers abroad

Due to the difficulty of the traditional medical dressing products to meet the treatment requirements of chronic and complex wounds, high-end dressing in the future will become the main driving force for promoting the development of the dressing market. The global high-end medical dressing will be expected to reach US $1.6 billion in 2017. At present, in the medical dressing products of our country, the high-end new type of dressing production is relatively weak, mainly rely on the import. This time, five foreign major medical dressing manufacturers are selected, and they will be analyzed from the technical level and the sales status. Our enterprises can reflect on their own development on the basis of this, and we are so-called "know-how". 3M Company's five-year R & D accumulated up to US $76.9 million technical level 3M is a world-wide, multi-tech enterprise and internationally recognized pioneer in R & D. The company has produced tens of thousands of innovative products, and has a leading position in the core markets such as medical products, highway safety, office and education products and optical products. In 2011, the R & D investment of the company was up to US $15. 7 billion, and the R & D accumulated in the last five years reached US $76.9 billion. Sales situation In the whole year of 2011, the sales of 3M increased by 11. 1% on a year-on-year basis. in addition to that loss of display and mark business in the six division of the company, the sales show a growth trend, among which, the business growth of the industrial transport business department is up to 1.9. 5%, and the increase of security and protection business is up to 15. 2%. The three major business centers of medical product business, communication and family goods business, e-electric power and communication service are the same as in 2010. In Latin America, the Canadian region achieved a 15. 6% increase in sales in 2011, becoming the fastest-growing area in the 3M business. In 2011, the company realized an increase of US $5.96 per share, an increase of 5.9%, and an increase in operating profit of 20.9%, with a return on investment of 19.9%. Molnlycke HealthCare, annual sales of nearly 800 million euros R & D strength Molnlycke HealthCare (Vink, Sweden) has always been committed to the advanced care technology in the field of medical care and from the development of the product, keeping the industry's leading position, its unique safetac patent technology, and winning the unanimous praise from the global academic community. The safetac patent technology is the company's patent in the world, and is a cutting-edge technology with a soft polysilicone rubber shell as a carrier, which is processed by a special process, and has a plurality of characteristics on the surface layer coated with the soft polysilicone colloid. Sales situation The company's annual sales are nearly 800 million euros, and the market is divided into four regions: Europe Middle East Africa, North America, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. The beauty skin care product produced by the company belongs to the self-adhesive silicone gel dressing, has the advantages of mild self-adhesive, thin and light fiber, water-proof and breathable, reusable and free cutting, and is a preferred product for clinical line inhibition and prevention of scars in various large hospitals, and the patient has excellent reflection. In the Southwest Hospital of China, the Huaxi Hospital and the large hospitals in Yunnan are all sold, and the Plastic Section and the Burn Center of the Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical College and the Second Affiliated Hospital of Yunnan Province are the preferred products for the year. Smith & Nephew's profitability index is good Product structure The Smith & Nephew medical dressing mainly consists of two broad categories of general wound care products and professional wound care products, in which the general wound care products are more, including scar enemies, super-waterproof adhesive tapes, Super waterproof glue film, first-aid box, spray adhesive plaster, wound pad, oily gauze, etc. The professional wound care product mainly includes super-strong water-absorbing sponge dressing, iodine-containing bacteria-removing wound care dressing, no-seam adhesive, etc. Sales situation In 2011, Smith & Nephew sold a big increase in global sales, with a gross margin of 73. 79%, a profit margin of 25.95%, a net interest rate of 17. 10%, a good performance and a strong profitability. ConvaTec products are marketed in more than 100 countries and regions Product structure ConvaTec is a leading-line innovative medical technology developer and vendor, the company's products focused on four key areas: mouth care, wound treatment, incontinence and crisis care, and infusion equipment. At present, the ConvaTec company offers the ActiveLife series in China, the Sur-FitNature series, the DuoDerm series, the Kaltostat series, and the like that are applicable to the mouth and wound products that are required for different patients. On June 4, ConvaTec announced that the company acquired the product of Trio HealthcareInternational Limited. Trio, a British private company with a range of innovative care-related products, to be incorporated into the production-care product combination of ConvaTec, These include the Nilpac pain-free medical tape remover and the Silwssw painless skin protective film using the company's advanced silicone technology, as well as the Diamonds tape with the ActiveLife odor control function. Sales situation ConvaTec's products are marketed in more than 100 countries and regions and entered the mainland market in the early 1990s. So far, ConvaTec's products are widely used in the top three hospitals and other hospitals in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other large provinces and cities. The average return on assets of Paul Hartmann AG is 6.23% Product structure the product field relates to conventional wound care products, modern wet wound treatment products, incontinence care products, external fixation, pressure treatment and adhesive products, and personal care products. Sales situation At present, Paul Hartmann AG (Hermann, Germany) has more than 10,000 employees, with annual turnover of Euro1.6 billion. In 2011, the company realized net profit rate of 6.12%, and the profit before interest tax depreciation was 8.95%, and the profit of the industry remained stable. The average return on assets is 6.23%, the average return on equity is 11. 8%, and the overall financial reporting is good in the case of global sales.