Beauty makeup Africa export exhibition area detonates the big thing of African purchasing business circle

In order to promote the African export exhibition area of beautymakeup in March, the US Expo, the African Trade and Trade platform went on and on to visit various consuls, the activities of the African Business Association worked together to promote and promote the African export area of American makeup, and strongly supported the African export exhibition area of American makeup. From the China-Africa Business Promotion Forum to the South African Parliamentarians' meeting, to the "Belt and Road China Brand entering Africa" investment and trade forum, to the Nigerian Chamber of Commerce dinner. The "American makeup Africa export exhibition area" has been detonated in the African purchasing business circle in succession. The African buyers learned that the US Expo will open the "American makeup African export exhibition area" to express their full support and compete with each other to spread the praises. The establishment of the "makeup Africa Export Zone" will make procurement faster, more convenient and more accurate.