Alginate dressing

 Alginate dressing


  1. scope of application 

Suitable for dealing with exudates and local hemostasis, including ulcers caused by various causes: diabetic foot, lower extremity venous / arterial ulcer, pressure sore, postoperative incision, donor skin area, and trauma. 

After ion exchange, it becomes gelatinous.


2. Product property

Natural seaweed extract, biocompatibility of good absorption of wound exudate, blood after the formation of gel, forming the wet environment for the wound. Calcium ion participation, shorten coagulation time; sterilization, anti-infection can quickly absorb the equivalent of 20 times their own weight of liquid, strong absorbent ability of non-adherent wound, easy to remove, no residual texture soft, good compliance

3.Applicable department 

Burn plastic surgery, breast surgery, general surgery, outpatient dressing room, operating room, intensive care unit, beauty department, urology, neurosurgery orthopedics, geriatrics, moderate to severe exudates and sinus wounds.